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Topeka KS Spray Foam Insulation Installation

Why do I need insulation?

Insulation is currently a common need in many homes. For one, good insulation helps modulate indoor temperature and, in turn, slash your energy bills.

Besides, well-installed insulation is believed to block out allergens, which often make us sick.

Although this sounds interesting, you’re probably have no idea on how to proceed with an insulation project.

Worse, the myriads of insulation materials and methods on the market can leave one uncertain about what will work best for your insulation need. If this sounds like you, no worries.

Here, we will take a comprehensive look at spray foam insulation Topeka KS, including its importance, the different options and their unique cons and pros, and everything you should know before you install insulation or rework your existing insulation.

Understanding Spray Foam Insulation

Also referred to as Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), Spray Foam Insulation is an insulation method that involves the use of different chemicals mixed to form a foam-like substance, sprayed on relevant areas for insulation.

When applied, the foam inflates rapidly and blocks the tiniest cracks and gaps in your walls, ceilings, attics, etc. The formula toughens quickly to create a hard air blockade that tightly fits frames and other air leaks in your property.

Insulation contractors employ different methods and formulations for their projects. So, when hiring a spray foam contractor in Topeka KS, you may want to query the ingredient formula used.

For instance, while some contractors use soya or vegetable oil as fuel, some use high-toxic gas propellants.

Even more, environmentally conscious experts, some experts use water, which is highly recommended for sustainability.

Types of Spray Foam insulation

When selecting a spray foam insulation, you’re caught in between two alternatives; the open- or closed-cell spray foam insulation.

Open-Cell spray foam insulation

The open-cell foam contains cells (bubbles) that do not entirely encapsulate. That is, the foam is deliberately made with open cells, for more flexible and softer foam.

Topeka KS Spray Foam Insulation Spray Cost
Topeka KS Spray Foam Insulation Commercial Closed Cell Spray

Closed-Cell spray foam insulation

Closed-cell foams have cells that are completely locked. The foam cells are well pressed to prevent moisture and air from penetrating. This design makes the closed-cell foam sturdier and more stable than its open cell counterpart.

Open-Cell spray foam insulation

The open-cell foam contains cells (bubbles) that do not entirely encapsulate. That is, the foam is deliberately made with open cells, for more flexible and softer foam.

Topeka KS Spray Foam Insulation Spray Cost

Closed-Cell spray foam insulation

Closed-cell foams have cells that are completely locked. The foam cells are well pressed to prevent moisture and air from penetrating. This design makes the closed-cell foam sturdier and more stable than its open cell counterpart.

Topeka KS Spray Foam Insulation Commercial Closed Cell Spray

Let’s quickly critique open and closed cell foam spray under these factors:

Talking density, the closed-cell foam rates higher. While open cells usually have about .5 pounds for each cubic foot, typically, the close cell option triple that figure. Closed-cell foams often come with a density of about 1.75 pounds or more per cubic foot.

When sprayed, the closed-cell foam may expand to about an inch of thickness; each inch offers about 7 R-value. Repeat applications can help you attain a better R-value.

On the other hand, the open cell alternative expands to about 3 inches thick, so that you can achieve standard insulation with a single application.

Closed-cell foams promise higher R-Value than open cells. Closed cells may promise about 6.0 per inch R-Value; some may reach as high as 7 per inch.

Open cells usually have a 3.5/inch R-Value. This significant difference makes open-cell less efficient in areas with extreme weather conditions.

Remember that the higher the R-Value rating, the better insulation. That means closed cell spray foams perform better at locking heat/cold in/out of your building.

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Choosing the right installer and get the best type of insulation for your project can help you to enjoy and to get the best job possible. Knowing all the extra benefits that spray foam insulation in Topeka has to offer.

Which type of spray foam insulation should I use?

As mentioned, it depends on your insulation need.

When to use a closed-cell foam

If you seek robust insulation for a limited space, consider closed cell spray foam. This option can offer twice R-Value of Open cell foam for standard walls. Its more rugged nature also edifies your structure.

Closed-cell foams are also practical vapor barriers. This function prevents moisture and water from penetrating your space. Besides, water is no threat to your closed-cell foam.

Topeka KS Spray Foam Installed Close Cell

When to use open-cell Foam

One notable plus of open-cell foams is its expansion after application. It gets to and covers up the tiniest of crevices and holes in your walls. Such hidden spots may be a hard-reach for the closed-cell foam.

Open cells, with its expansion, is ideal for soundproofing as one application can stand the task.

Installing an open-cell foam costs less – and insulates less – than a closed-cell foam; Hence, not suitable for regions with extreme temperatures.

Topeka KS Spray Foam Wall Spray

Away from Spray Foam – Other Insulation Options

Topeka KS Spray Foam Board


Foam board insulation uses sturdy panels, which help reduce the inflow of heat through structural elements.

These insulation panels are made with either polystyrene or polyurethane. Despite the relatively thin size of the insulation, its R-Value is impressively high.

Batts and Roll

The batt and roll is a widely popular option for spray foam insulation in Topeka, KS. They come in flexible plastic and natural fibers and are mostly used for a DIY project due to its installation ease.

Topeka KS Spray Foam Fiberglass
Topeka KS Spray Foam Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier

This method involves the placement of papers, films, foils, and related reflective materials in attics, ceilings, floors, and unfinished walls.

Reflective insulation redirects (or reflects) heat off your property. This insulation is conventional across hot regions.

Blown-in Insulation or Loose fill

This method involves spraying strands of cellulose, fiberglass, and mineral wool into an area with the use of socialized pneumatic tools. This method can be used for different locations, including enclosed or open wall cavities, attic floors, and other hard-to-reach spots.

However, blown-in insulation may soon begin to settle over time.

Topeka KS Spray Foam Blown-In Insulation

Common Insulation Materials

Topeka KS Spray Foam Cellulose


Cellulose is common among insulation contractors in Topeka. Sourced from cardboard, paper, and other recycled materials, it’s indeed the go-green campaigners’ favorite.

While it looks loose initially, after application, it shrinks and shuts out oxygen, which reduces damages peradventure a fire outbreak occurs.

Polyurethane Foam

Although incredibly lightweight, the Polyurethane foam is surprisingly potent. Polyurethane foam is applied as a spray and is fire-resistant.

How It Works.

Curious about how it all works? It’s simple! Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a consultation. Our experienced team will assess your project, provide tailored solutions, and handle the entire process with professionalism. Let’s get started today!
Assessment and measurement of the space to be insulated.
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Mixing the components of the spray foam insulation
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Curing / Finishing
Allowing the foam to cure properly, which may take a few hours.

What Can Spray Foam Insulation Do for Your Topeka KS Home?

Spray foam insulation in Topeka has several benefits over traditional types of insulation.

Through your wall leaks, allergens and pollens can sneak into your home and cause adverse reactions – from minor to severe.

As the spray foam spreads into crevices and cracks, it shuts out such harmful air, thereby reducing allergens, which often cause respiratory concerns. So, the less air sneaks, the less worry about ‘bad air’ and, hence, fewer medical visits.

Do you see those little crevices in your walls? They are the entry routes and hideouts for ants, bugs, and small rodents that infiltrates your home.

Locking up these entry spots keep your space free from these pesky little creatures. We know these little intruders can cause severe damages to you and your pets’ health.

If your home sits around a noisy neighborhood, a spray foam insulation is a no-brainer. Spray foam is soundproof and does the sound-lock job a lot more than other insulators on the market. Notably, the soundproof function is typical of open-cell spray foam insulation.

As mentioned, spray foam stands out for blocking the tiniest of cracks and crevices. Shutting those little air leaks do not only prevent air, water, and rodents, it modulates the weather – promotes heat in winter and cold in summer.

Depending on your region, spray foam insulation in Topeka, KS, for example, can help you slash down your energy bills a remarkably lot.

Talking longevity, the spray foam insulation offers homeowners and commercial property owners more lasting solutions compared to fiberglass and Styrofoam.

Users of other forms of insulation usually complain of sags and cracks after a while and may need to replace them. While it may cost some extra bucks to install your spray foam insulation in Topeka, KS, it can outlive your building.

Although spray foam is initially in liquid, when sprayed, it hardens and creates reliable support to the walls and ceilings of your property.

SPF promises approximately 6.0 per inch thickness R-Value – based on the specific formulations and application. This thickness, in turn, offers more thermal resistance even with less material, compared to other forms of commercial insulation.

Many have reported 30% and greater utility savings per month.

whether closed or open cells, spray foam insulation prevents moist which often forms condensation. However, the closed-cell sprays are more functional against water bodies, thereby reducing the risk of mold and dews and their resultant effects.

Where environmental health is a factor, the spray foam insulation is a sure pick. Besides the fewer materials used in the process, it stays almost forever in your building. Again, the insulation reduces your energy consumption as well as prevent mold and mildew.

Spray Foam Insulation Safety Concerns

While safety has been a reoccurring concern with insulation projects, spray foam insulation stands out.

However, some homeowners report allergic reactions to the fumes produced during installation and hours after.

For this, we advise property owners to vacate the building during, and 24 hours after installation. The period of allowing the toxic gas settle is referred to as off-gassing.

After about 24 hours, your space becomes even safer than before installation.

Topeka KS Spray Foam Installers
Topeka KS Spray Foam Commercial Spray Foam

Spray Foam Insulation – Cost

The cost of installing spray foam insulation in Topeka, varies, based on several factors. But that said, typically, in Topeka, spray foam insulation cost about twice a fiberglass installation project.

However, chief determinants include your choice foam, project size, whether there was already insulation that needs to be removed, and whether your local regulations stipulate the need for additional barriers.

Regardless of the cost of your initial installation, in the long run, you’d be saving a whole lot. For instance, as mentioned, in Topeka, ks spray foam insulation can drop your energy bills to as low as 50 percent. Plus, no more allergies, and it’s more of a once-in-a-lifetime project.

Spray Foam Insulation – long-lasting

If well installed, you won’t be changing your insulation anytime soon – perhaps, never!

Where there are no physical disturbances and extreme direct sun rays, your spray foam insulation may stand by your building forever.

DIY Spray Foam Insulation?

Among recent inquiries received, we’ve had a considerable lot asking whether they could run DIY insulation and save cost.

The simple answer is YES.

Of course, you can go ahead and acquire the requirements and try your hands on the job.

However, sadly, we’ve received an increasing lot of complaints from DIYers about their botched projects. Well, after a massive investment, they needed professional intervention (our experts) to go through it all over.

For some others, they only realized it was easier said just halfway into the task.

That said, if you still think a DIY is a good try, ensure you’re well protected. These safety kits will come handy: gloves, goggles, respirators, and boiler suit.

Although buying the necessities is one thing, it takes experience to build a thick homogeneous foam. Worse, the application can be particularly daunting.

And these aspects are critical to the success of an installation. A little error can – and in most cases, do – ruin the entire project.

Topeka KS Spray Foam DIY

Common Spray Foam Insulation Installation Problems

Topeka KS Spray Foam Installation Problems

With proper mixing under ideal temperature conditions and with correct applications, there shouldn’t be any problems after spray foam insulation installation.

So, why the increasing complaints from homeowners about their insulations? During our site inspections, too often, we trace such errors to mistakes by DIYers or self-acclaimed insulation contractors.

Among several shortcomings, here are the most reoccurring errors we found:

So, conclusively, while a DIY is possible, it takes some on-the-job training, practice, and experience to handle an installation that lasts and performs as promised.

If poorly handled, your insulation may cause moisture accumulation, discomfort, and general regret on your investment. When either of these happens, you’d sure want to rework the project, which would cost even more.

Don’t you think a professional spray foam insulation service in Topeka will help you save?

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